The InteGeR ITN aims to employ state-of-the-art genomic approaches in undertaking an Integrated approach to investigate all layers of Gene Regulation from trans-acting factors through to nuclear structure during cellular differentiation. This aim translates into the following specific areas of research:

1.    Transcription factor function as master regulators of differentiation

2.    Chromatin structure and epigenetic modifications in cellular memory

3.    Spatial nuclear organisation of gene interactions and gene activity

In addressing these aims the InteGeR ITN has assembled a group of scientists with cross-disciplinary expertise and capabilities. The cellular differentiation systems employed by the ITN will be derived from embryonic stem (ES) cells that can be induced to differentiate along various lineages in a controlled fashion. The ITN employs cutting-edge technologies, some of which have been specifically developed by participants of this ITN, to address these questions. Due to the central thematic area of gene regulation and differentiation, the integrated approach on multilayered gene regulation, the multidisciplinary nature and the cutting-edge methodologies, this ITN provides a framework for very high-level training of young researchers.